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Soap box bamboo wood soap holder

Soap box bamboo wood soap holder

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Specification: 8 * 5.5 * 8cm

Inner size: inner diameter height 3.8cm width 6.5cm


  1.Unique shape design can keep soap and soap dry, which is more conducive to long-term preservation of soap and soap

  2.Natural lotus wood material, hard material, strong resistance to pressure, not easy to deform, not easy to absorb moisture and deteriorate,

  3.Clear texture, fashionable and beautiful style

  4. The soap box itself emits a light fragrance and strong water resistance


1. Just place the handmade soap on the soap tray. The unique water filtering structure makes the soap easier to keep dry.

2. Please do not expose to direct sunlight!


The outer surface is treated with a waterproof plant paint, which is easy to clean, does not deform, and prevents slight changes. Handmade craftsmanship, modern embodiment of traditional craftsmanship. Simple design, lotus wood material, simple and natural. Cute, lightweight, concise and natural, let you put it down! 20190419_092307_000 20190419_092307_001 20190419_092307_002 20190419_092307_003 20190419_092307_004 20190419_092307_005 20190419_092307_006   

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